Make healthy eating a workplace priority.

Is your workplace making it more difficult to manage your weight? If so, you are not alone.

According to a survey by Career Builder, forty-four percent of workers have experienced weight gain at their current job. Reasons include sitting at a desk most of the day and eating lunch and snacks there; stress-related eating; workplace celebrations; temptation of the office candy jar or food-filled break room; and pressure to eat food that co-workers bring in.

Here are tips on ways can you handle these numerous opportunities to consume more calories than needed:

  • Make eating an isolated activity. Take a break from your work area to eat lunch or any snack. Don’t treat your desk as a dining room table. This will allow for more mindful eating and also can be a stress reliever to take a break.
  • Partake in the workplace celebrations like birthday parties but plan for the treat by eating a bit less elsewhere in the day or taking a small portion.
  • Participate in the workplace potluck by bringing something healthy. Prepare a less calorie-filled homemade dish, appetizer, or dessert. That way there will be at least one item that you can rely upon.
  • Consider replacing the office candy jar with a bowl of fruit. Or if the candy jar must stay, then jot down each time you take something and how much. Recording your candy trips may result in less of them.
  • Don’t skip meals. Make sure to eat your breakfast and lunch as this may make you less vulnerable to office food temptations.
  • Add in physical activity during your work day by taking stairs rather than elevators. Walk to co-workers instead of calling or e-mailing.
  • Have a conversation with fellow co-workers about how much food is brought into the workplace. It may benefit all to limit how much or how often food is available.

Try this delicious recipe for Chili Non Carne if you need to bring in something for the next office potluck.


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