A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that tai chi may improve balance and prevent falls among people with Parkinson’s disease.

Today’s post is written by Dr. Peter Wayne, Director of Research at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH).  Dr. Wayne is also the author of The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi. The post was adapted from an article that appeared in the September 2013  issue of the Osher Center newsletter.

Parkinson’s disease affects more than one million Americans. This brain disorder interferes with muscle control, leading to trembling, stiffness, and inflexibility of the arms, legs, neck, and trunk; slowing or freezing of movement; and disruptions in balance, which can lead to harmful falls. These changes can greatly limit the ability of Parkinson’s patients to carry out everyday activities and compromise their quality of life.

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