Fruits and Veggies – Are You Getting Enough?

Posted by Brigham and Women's Hospital March 6, 2014

Recent research suggests that eating more than five servings of fruits and vegetables per day would be worth your while.

It’s no secret that fruits and vegetables are good for you. But are you eating enough of them?

Fruits and vegetables contain a unique combination of nutrients and healthy compounds, such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. Diets rich in these plant-based foods are associated with a reduced risk of cancer, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease, and macular degeneration; increased energy and stamina; and a bevy of other health benefits. Five servings of fruits and vegetables per day is a good start, but recent research suggests that adding a few more servings would be worth your while.

What’s the Evidence?

Below is just a sampling of recent research that supports the recommendation of eating more fruits and vegetables.

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DASH Diet: A Healthy Way to Lose Weight

Posted by Brigham and Women's Hospital August 2, 2012

The DASH diet's focus on fruits and vegetables helps lower blood pressure.

Would you be interested in an effective weight-loss plan that’s also an effective health-gain plan?

According to a panel of 22 experts selected by US News & World Report, the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet plan is the best choice for people who are concerned about both losing weight and staying healthy. The expert panel ranked 20 popular diets according to an extensive set of criteria, including: short-term weight loss (losing significant weight during the first year), long-term weight loss (maintaining significant weight loss for two years or more), easiness to follow, nutritional completeness, and its ability to manage certain chronic ailments, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Although DASH is highly touted, it’s not highly recognized. That’s because the DASH diet was designed to be a freely available diet plan, not a commercial weight-loss plan. Thus, you won’t see any television ads with chiseled celebrities hawking DASH frozen meals, DVDs, or books.

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