The BWH ClimbCorps team is dedicated to fighting heart disease.

Last fall, Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) launched an innovative program called ClimbCorps to improve America’s health and prevent heart disease. The goal of ClimbCorps, the nation’s first service corps dedicated to fighting heart disease and improving America’s health, is to train aspiring public health leaders to educate, engage, and empower others in achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Through organized stair climbs, educational workshops, and fundraisers , ClimbCorps members are raising awareness about heart disease and improving America’s health, one step at time. In its first year alone, ClimbCorps has transformed the stairwells in Boston’s largest office buildings into fitness venues, with participants climbing over eight million steps. In addition to educating thousands of people on heart disease prevention, ClimbCorps also has hosted two Climbathon fundraising events , which brought together more than 1,800 climbers and volunteers to raise more than $120,000 for heart disease prevention.

As ClimbCorps begins its second year, organizers hope to make an even bigger impact. In addition to organizing new stair climbs, ClimbCorps members will be available to visit local organizations to provide educational workshops on heart disease prevention and health promotion. Workshops and presentations, which include topics such as nutrition, exercise, and risk factors for heart disease, are suitable for all ages and designed to promote health and wellness within companies, schools, and community organizations.

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– Caitlin J.

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