Taking the stairs is an easy way to incorporate exercise into your daily life - and improve your heart health.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for one in three deaths nationwide and claiming nearly 600,000 lives each year. The good news is that by making simple lifestyle changes like eating healthy and staying active, you have the power to prevent heart disease.

That’s why Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) created ClimbAmerica! – a special event produced by ClimbCorps to rouse people’s spirit in the fight against heart disease and raise funds to improve America’s health.

Launched by BWH, ClimbCorps is the nation’s first service corps dedicated to revolutionizing the cardiovascular health and wellness of the American public. Based on the simple principle that physical activity is needed to maintain better health, ClimbCorps leverages an easy way to incorporate exercise into daily life – by taking the stairs.

By training corps leaders and deploying them in the nation’s busiest buildings and schools, ClimbCorps helps educate, empower, and motivate people to make healthier lifestyle choices for themselves and their families.

This January, ClimbCorps is hosting ClimbAmerica! – a special fundraising event where participants climb Boston’s tallest buildings to help fight heart disease. ClimbAmerica! will be taking place at 100 Summer Street on Saturday, January 26 and the Prudential Tower on Sunday, January 27.  Whether you’re a trained stair climber, interested in getting more active, or passionate about the cause, you’ll leave ClimbAmerica! feeling energized and proud that you made a difference in the fight against heart disease.

Registration is free and all funds raised will support education, programming, and research to prevent heart disease and improve America’s health. To register, visit www.climbamerica.org.


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